Cultural Press for Old People

From the being 16 um, I mean 21 likely to reveals in DC and smirking at the “old” persons lurking like they had any company holding with a bunch of teenagers reddit night mode. How slow, my buddies and I’d say-don’t they realize they’re OLD and don’t fit here? It really felt so gloomy that they had number life apart from trying to blend in with a bunch of children half their age.

Okay, so sure, I’ve because been that slow adult at a club trying to do something like I belonged there…but I digress.

Today it seems like the world-including the business world-is being light emitting diode by the “young collection” (30 and under), getting “old” persons like me (older than 30…to put it mildly) in an odd place. That you do not wish to be the wannabe “cool” parent that’s “down” with the times and all that, in today and era, it seems that perhaps not performing just that could fundamentally cripple your career.

For example, I was writing a information object at work this morning and relating to a tale on a well-known website. There, below the name was the now-requisite strip of celebrities: little leaf, “f” in an orange box, little cartoon baby experience, little lime square-you know, the ones that appear anywhere on more and more website pages of all kinds. Several of those things I currently know-the lime sq indicates RSS (although the audience part is still a little sketchy to me), the “f” represents Facebook, and I understand the phrases Digg and technorati even if I can’t explain to you just what they mean. In reality, I use them in my website and STILL can’t actually inform you what they mean.

Newsvine,, Reddit, Head, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Skype…the record seems to grow every day. Number, that’s, of applications/technologies/whatever you wish to call them that are second nature to children and 20-somethings yet are mysteries to very nearly anyone who is not stylish to that one lingo, so to speak. These exact things aren’t just fads like Tamagotchi or anything; they’re used more and more in the marketing and company worlds. In reality, if you sign up to the theory that cultural marketing is the trend into the future which will crush standard marketing as we know it, you realize that if you don’t start researching this material and rapidly, you stand a great possibility of learning to be a dinosaur in the work world.



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