Guidelines For Quick Recovery Timeline After Lasik Eye Surgery


Lasik is the permanent, safest, and painless solution to eliminate the use of any sort of visual aids. It has a quick recovery time but you need to protect your eyes while they are healing post Lasik. There are several factors that decide the success rate of your laser eye surgery. You can schedule a one-to-one appointment for Lasik surgery in Delhi (here: and get answers to all your queries. Many people have achieved 20/25 vision or even better and do not require glasses or contacts for clear and crisp eyesight. Lasik is one of the most reliable laser treatments because you can notice an improvement in your vision within a few days. However, you need to follow precautions to avoid any hindrance in the healing process.

If you are a good candidate for Lasik then you can avail the best service from experienced doctors at affordable Lasik surgery costs in India (visual aids centre). Before scheduling your surgery, make sure you have plenty of time to take a rest to recover. However, you may feel improvement in eyesight within a week only. But still, you need to take proper precautions because it takes around three months to heal the cornea completely.

Recovery timeline: Your eyes start the healing process right away. In the first 6-12 hours after Lasik, you have to be careful as at that time your eyes are quite delicate. After 24 to 48 hours, your eyes will heal enough that you will be able to drive, shower, and go back to work. You can go back to exercising and participating in non-contact sports in a week or two. Also, after two weeks you can apply lotion and makeup on your face and around the eyes. Thereafter two to three months your cornea will be healed enough for contact sports, swimming, and using hot tubs.

Points For Faster Recovery After Lasik Surgery

1.     Do not touch or rub your eyes

You may feel a little discomfort after Lasik, especially irritation and dry eyes are the common problems. But do not rub or even touch your eyes as it may cause severe damage to the cornea. You can use protective shields and sunglasses to avoid touching your eyes. Also, use eye drops to lubricate them timely.

2.     No makeup and soap

Do not put any lotion or makeup around your eyes as it may enter your eyes and cause trouble. Also, while taking shower make sure you do not apply any lather foaming soap on your face. The lather can enter your eyes and delay the healing process.

3.     Avoid swimming

Do not go swimming for the first two weeks because the pressure of water and contaminated water can hurt your eyes.

4.     Avoid the use of digital devices

The use of digital devices can put eye strain and increase dryness. Because while watching a screen the blinking rate is reduced, increasing the dryness.

You may find it difficult to drive at night after Lasik. Also, sensitivity towards light and dryness may persist for a month.



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